Unlocking the Power of the 7 Whys: Get to the Core of Why Customers Choose You

Hey there, it's Brian from Fusion Marketing. Let’s get real for a minute. In the crazy world of business growth, figuring out why your customers actually buy your stuff is super important. We’re talking about getting to the heart of what makes them tick. One of the best ways we do that is with something called "The 7 Whys."

So, What’s The 7 Whys?

The 7 Whys is a pretty cool technique where you ask “why” over and over again—usually seven times—to really get to the bottom of why your customers are choosing your product or service. This isn't some new-age mumbo jumbo; it’s a solid strategy that’s been around for ages, originally dreamed up by Sakichi Toyoda, the brains behind Toyota Industries.

Why Should You Care About The 7 Whys?

Because understanding the real reasons behind your customers' choices can do wonders for your business. Here’s how:
1. Hit the Bullseye: Create products and messages that really connect with what your customers need.
2. Speak Their Language: Write marketing messages that make your customers feel like you’re reading their minds.
3. Make Better Stuff: Develop products that solve the real problems your customers have.
4. Win Their Hearts: Build loyalty by showing customers you truly get them.

How Do You Use The 7 Whys?

Alright, let’s break it down step by step:

Step 1: Start with a Simple Question
Begin with a straightforward question about your product or service. Something like, “Why do people buy our awesome _______?”

Step 2: Ask the First Why
Ask, “Why do people buy our awesome _______?” and give an answer. For example, “Because it tastes better than the other stuff out there.”

Step 3: Keep Asking Why
Take that answer and ask “Why” again. Keep going, digging deeper each time. Like this:
- Why does it taste better? Because we use top-notch ingredients.
- Why do we use top-notch ingredients? Because we get them from the best farms.
- Why do we get them from the best farms? Because we want the best flavor.

Step 4: Get to the Heart of It
Keep asking “Why” until you’ve done it seven times or until you hit that “Aha!” moment. You’ll find that your answers start getting more meaningful.

A Real-Life Example

Here’s a real-life example from one of our clients:

Starting Point: Why do customers buy our supplements? Because they want to perform optimally.
1. Why do they want to perform optimally? Because they don't want to settle in life.
2. Why don't they want to settle in life? Because there is more out there to achieve.
3. Why do they want to achieve more in life? Because they want to build a life worth living.
4. Why do they want to build a life worth living? Because they have family to support and they deserve the best.
5. Why does their family deserve the best? Because they mean the world to them.
6. Why does their family mean so much to them? Because they are a empathetic and caring person.
7. Why are they so caring? Because they grew up without that (or with that) and know how important these values are.

Through this process, we figured out that the core reason is that customers wants to life a meaningful life that provides for their loved ones. With this insight, we can craft a message that really hit home, like “Optimize your output, your life is worth it!”

Wrapping It Up

The 7 Whys technique is a simple but powerful tool to uncover the deep-down reasons why your customers choose you. By asking “Why” multiple times, you get to the heart of their motivations, which is pure gold for your marketing and product development.

At Fusion Marketing, we’re all about helping you find these insights to fuel your growth. Ready to dive into The 7 Whys and discover what really drives your customers? Let’s get started.

Hit us up today for a consultation and see how we can help you understand your customers like never before.
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