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Fusion Marketing

Email / SMS Marketing

Email / SMS Marketing

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Email marketing is the only 1-to-1 communication channel fully controlled by your business. Unlike social media, which can be banned or altered, your email list is a secure asset that can drive up to 30% of your revenue

Even moreso....privacy is making our jobs harder and harder. But, we all saw this coming at least a year in advance. Or more. So, that's why for the past several years we have been shifting massive focus off social platforms and investing thousands of hours into email and sms marketing. This is a revenue lever that is only growing for our clients. What you'll get:

Full copywriting
Full creative development
We will optimize 2 flows each month
We will strategize, create, and launch up to 6 Campaigns per month
The full month will be planned in advance so our creative team can work quickly to get you proofs.

Additional campaigns are $200 each

Additional flows are $500 each

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